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Movement Therapy and Pain Management Consultation (30-45min)

An initial phone consult and strategy session to determine your current state and discuss any potential injuries, issues, restrictions, and surgeries you may have had, or are currently experiencing. This consult gives us a better idea of how to proceed.


Movement Evaluation (60-75 min)

An initial assessment that involves three specific screenings to establish a solid foundation in which to begin a program. This evaluation consists of a Dynamic Movement Screen, Flexibility Screen and a Basic Muscle Activation Screen. It is important to establish a firm understanding and foundation to properly provide a corrective program for improving movement and reducing pain.


1:1 Movement Therapy and Corrective Training (60 min)

More than just Personal Training, 1:1 movement therapy and corrective training takes you through an in depth and comprehensive training program to correct your body’s weakness and imbalances. Through compensation and over-use movement patterns on a daily basis, it is imperative to re-balance and re-correct your body’s natural movements and its optimal ability to function and perform properly and pain free.


1:1 Stretch Therapy and Trigger Point Release (30 or 60 min) (Online Option Available)

Joint pain and movement restrictions are often heavily caused by tight muscles and tendons, as well as an accumulation of trigger points, or “knots” within the muscle or fascia. Passive hands on stretching and trigger point release therapy is great for anyone who feels tight, stiff or locked up. Actively stretching yourself is completely different than having a professional passively stretch you while you’re in a relaxed state. Unlocking your trigger points will decrease your pain and improve your range of motion and function as well.

Online Option Available: Personalized 1:1 sessions live via skype or zoom


Online Movement Training and Therapy – Monthly Plan

Consultation – Goal Setting, Issues, Pain and Restrictions

Movement, Flexibility and Pain Management recommended program

Online Stretch Sessions available

Free Access to Mobility Project 24/7 -On-Demand

24 hours email and text support


Mobility Project LIVE Seminars (90 min)

Three individual Live seminars that focus on Active Trigger Point Release Techniques, Joint Mobilization Techniques, and Active Restorative and Primal Movements. All seminars can be booked for your members and hosted at your own facility. Custom workshops may be booked as well and can be structured for specific issues.