The Mobility Project | Mobility-on-Demand
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Mobility On Demand 24-7 is your custom at home, or on the go, 1 stop-shop for self-maintenance and movement performance. Designed specifically to reduce your body’s own pain, while improving your body’s ability to function, through re-balancing the movements and activation in your muscles and joints. Through 7 specified techniques and tools that the Mobility Project 24/7 provides, you will have the knowledge and understanding on how, when and why to fix your own problems.


You may be an avid gym goer, a fitness enthusiast, a cyclist, a runner, a yogi, a martial artist, a professional wrestler, an athlete of any kind, or someone who has never worked out and sits at a desk all day. The fact of the matter is that your body is unbalanced and working in compensated positions. This ultimately leads to overtraining, overuse of certain muscles and movements, and the underuse of others. This in turn creates more imbalances, and leads us to a path of pain, tightness, restrictions and injuries.


In order for you to improve your own pain and start fixing yourself, you need to learn how to address the actual problem that is causing the pain. Most of the time people are looking for that “quick fix” for pain relief. This doesn’t work because the pain pills and the injections that doctors offer address the “symptom” of pain, and not the actual problem. With Mobility on Demand you will learn how to:

  • Identify your own restrictions and limitations that are causing you pain
  • Understand how to release your muscle tension and tightness
  • Understand how to mobilize and unlock your own joints
  • Learn how to fix your own body and feel better, move better and live better.


Take accountability and responsibility for your own body, and start living pain free today!