The Mobility Project | Philosophy
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When you buy a car, it comes with a user manual. When you buy a computer or a phone, it comes with a user manual. Almost anything today, from furniture to electrical technology comes with a manual. So when it comes to your brain and body, the two most sophisticated pieces of software and hardware we own, why is it that most people have no user manual for their own equipment? Most people have no idea how to use their own body, or even how it’s supposed to actually function.


Because of this we spend our lives attempting to treat the “symptoms” of pain and dysfunction, rather than correcting the actual “problem.” Unfortunately, this short-term solution usually comes in the form of drugs, injections, and preventable surgeries. We tend to forget that the human body, as a combined unit of mental and physical is specifically engineered to heal, repair and even regenerate.


Compare your body to that of a car. If you’re driving your car and the check engine light comes on, the car will continue to function and work. The light is coming on to inform you that there is an underlying problem somewhere within the car’s system. It doesn’t mean that your car will immediately breakdown, or shut off, but your know that there is a problem that will need to be addressed. If you choose to ignore the light and do nothing to fix the problem, then at some point the problem will become multiple problems and lead to break down.


Considering the sensation of pain as your check engine light, this is informing you that there is a problem somewhere in your system, and it needs to be taken care of. Like with your car, if the pain is ignored your body will break down. If you are tired of living in pain, your mindset and your habits have to change.


The Mobility Project 24/7 is your very own user manual on identifying movement restrictions and pain, and then understanding how to reduce it and prevent it from happening again.


“It is every person’s God-given right as a human being to be able to perform basic maintenance on themselves.” – Dr. Kelly Starrett


“The body will get good at doing what you do, or DON’T do. If you are not moving, then you will be very good at being stiff and tight.” – Ido Portal.


Our bodies adapt to the environment we put them in.  The Mobility Project 24/7 teaches you how to live in this society without compromising the ability to move.


Pain doesn’t just affect individuals who are in poor health, obese or have never stepped foot into a fitness facility. I see heavy-lifting, lean athletes get it wrong all the time, and then they wonder WHY they have achieved a plateau, are breaking down or cannot get the results they want. It’s simple – their foundation is weak!


If you start with a faulty foundation and continue to build on top of it over the years, it won’t be long before the entire structure comes tumbling down. However, if you build upon a firm, solid foundation, such as the Mobility Project 24/7 teaches, then the rest of your structure will be stable and balanced. Don’t let poor foundation ruin your game or quality of life.